Movement Research


Since September 2016, I have initiated my movement research. In early 2021, it was named “OnthewayDance.” The main concepts are drawn from the guidance of Qi, the 5Rhythms®, and the liquid system in the human body to create dance movement concepts and practice methods. Since the launch of this movement research, my work, particularly in aesthetics, has been deeply influenced. For example, the 2018 piece “Vortex” presents a unique dance style with slow-flowing bodies and the reserved elegance of Eastern aesthetics. The 2023 piece “PHONATE” continued and deepened this aesthetic practice. The artistic concept of “OnthewayDance” is to transform and sublimate the existing dancer training methods based on Asian philosophical thinking through a dance perspective. Different practices adjust the body to a state of “Qi-circulation,” which not only has diverse forms and textures but also increases the frequency of energy and communication during the performance process, elevating the expressiveness and insight of the body to a new level.

The exercises are categorised as follows:
1. Tuning: to relax the body and mind, so that “Qi” can be free and operate properly within the body.
2. Adaptation: to accumulate the “Qi” in the body through collecting mind and ideas, practising breathing, and exercising physically, so as to warm up the body mildly from inside.
3. Flowing of kinetic energy: to connect and allow interaction of the “Qi” in the body with that from the outside world through improvisation and imagination.
4. Layering: from understanding the flow of body fluids, to induce the different forms and textures of body movement, while being aware of their own bodies’ original characteristics.