Toolbox Manoeuvre

Percussion x Contemporary Dance x Literary Arts

Kafka speaks, the city stirs. Strange synthesis.
The train rages, footsteps hasten. Hustling existences.
The disoriented heart’s negotiating a new arrangement of reality. We’ll listen. Just listen.

In Toolbox Manoeuvre, a team of cross-media artists join forces to construct a dreamy and mystifying mindscape of contemporary life. Choreographer Alice Ma and Wayson Poon will dance to new music and arrangements performed by Toolbox Percussion and Artistor Director Louis Siu.

This is conceived as a sequel to Toolbox Mouvement, a collaborative project by Toolbox Percussion which has toured Gwangju in Korea, San Francisco in USA and Shanghai in China as well as locally in different forms since 2017.

Artistic Director: Louis Siu
Choreographers and Dancers: Alice Ma, Wayson Poon
Text: Franz Kafka, Nicholas Wong
Composers: Joyce Tang, Austin Yip
Performing Artists: Abby Chan, Brian Chan, Emily Cheng, Eyo Li, Ivan Wan
Project Manager: Shirley Lam

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