New Media x Dance x Performance x Exhibition: Dust

Exhibition Synopsis

In ruins, wild spirits wander and chat, each with its own secret agenda. They reminisce about the booming cannons, and after the dust settled, some stories needed to be buried, some forgotten. They can’t return to the east, some stories are retold, some pains are remembered again. Amidst the cacophony, past scenes are reinterpreted. Retelling, explaining, arguing, affirming – the constantly offered auspiciousness is a mythical creature every eastern child has sought, the constant devouring of the remains is the soul of every generation wielding the knife – how did these people who can’t go back end up here?

廢墟,野鬼們在這裡飄蕩,閒聊中,他們各懷鬼胎。 憶當初炮聲隆隆,灰飛煙滅後,有些故事需要被埋沒,有些故事需要被遺忘。 他們回不到東邊的地方,有些故事被重新念叨,有些疼痛被重新記憶,七嘴八舌間,有過的畫面被再次解釋。 重述、詮釋、爭辯、正言──不斷奉獻的祥是每個東邊孩子都追尋過的神獸,不斷蠶食的殘是世世代代舉刀者的魂──那些回不去的人,又是怎樣來 到了這裡。

18:00 觀眾進場;
18:45 環境舞演展開始;
19:45 環境舞演展結束;
19:45 交流與討論;
20:30 小型派對;
22:00 活動結束。

Location: Balance Art Centre, 26th Floor, Tianheng Building A, 46 Dongzhimen Outer Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Event schedule

18:00 Audience entrance;
18:45 Environmental dance exhibition begins;
19:45 Environmental dance exhibition ends;
19:45 Discussion and exchange;
20:30 Mini party;
22:00 Event concludes.

Produced by

Balance Art Centre
China Academy of Art School of Intermedia Art
UFO Media Lab
The Body Acts Performance Lab
Participating Artists: Dongniel, Du Yanhao, Guo Xi, Liu Zheng, Niu Junjie, Wayson Poon, Qu Qianwen, Wang Jiaming, Wei Dan, Wen Yanzhao, Wen Siyi, Wu Juehui, Xie Shu, Yao Yuan, Zhao Kexin, Zhou Yunshan, Zhang Yu